We are so excited that you’d like to submit your work to Heritage Gatherings PA! We love that you’d like to share your work, as sharing is the full purpose of this blog. We love flowers and we love people that love flowers.

Please email us at [email protected] with “SUBMISSION & the type of submission” in the subject

The categories we currently are looking for:

Q&A Series:

Have a question you’d like answered by fellow floral designers? Email us your questions and we will consider if for our next Content Call for the Q&A Series.

Studio Tours:

Tells us where you work and why you love it, show us where you work with 7-10 photos. We will provide you with a list of questions to answer.

Real Weddings:

Show us your work, we’d love to receive 20-50 photos from a wedding you designed. Be sure to send us the photographer’s information & asynopsis of the day.

Real Events:

Us floral designers do much more than design for weddings, show us your corporate events, private parties – anything that will amaze & inspire us!

In My Honest Opinion:

Tell us how you are feeling about your career and the floral industry. Something you want to voice your opinion on? Tell us about it, let’s get this conversation started! (You may remain anonymous if you wish, just let us know)

Tales from the Trenches:

We’ve all experienced crazy situations, and we all lovea good laugh. Tell us your crazy stories. Tell us what you did to solve a unexpected situation.

How did you do that?:

Did you create something that was over the top fabulous with design? Lots of mechanics behind it? We’d love to show off your creativity, send us photos with a description!

Anything else?:

Have something else you want to share with floral designers, tell us about those too! We love to hear from our readers. After all, that’s what Heritage Gatherings PA is about, sharing with each other and building the support of each other.